Andy Biersack interview with Alternative Press!

So my friend keeps telling me that BVB's music is negative and that I really shouldn't listen to them but every time I defend them she shoots me down and Idk what to do...

Hm, it seems to me that she hasn’t heard the lyrics herself!
If this is the case, then she’s not a very good friend, is she? Listening to a band that you like is not a crime.
Try reasoning with her. Tell her that the band’s lyrics have a positive meaning and show her some examples. Who knows, maybe she’ll change her mind and become a fan!
If she doesn’t like their music, then drop the subject. Friendships shouldn’t be broken apart because of different music preferences, right?
She shouldn’t be constantly telling you that the music you like is negative when it’s really not. A friend like that is not a good friend at all.
I hope you get your problem resolved, anon

Hi! :D So... Ok I'm here to ask you if you could tell me (not all the things but) the most important ones about BVB. I just started being what you can call fan (or poser yet lol) and i'm totally lost... I found them on tumblr I just felt in love but its pretty hard to find things about them (ok not Andy because EVERYONE talk about him)... Could you?

Hi anon!! Ah - where do I even start?!

BVB has gotten a lot of attention in the past couple of years so there are A LOT of websites that you can find more info. Just Google “Black Veil Brides Biography” and a lot will pop up! 

The members include Andy Biersack (vocals), Ashley Purdy (bass), Christian “CC” Coma (drums), Jake Pitts (lead guitar), and Jinxx (backup guitar and violin). 

Andy is the oldest member/founder of the group. 

I think the most important piece of info I can give you right now is that their fourth record will be coming out in October 2014. Be sure to check it out!! 

Check out these links to help you: (Can’t go wrong with Wiki) 

Andy’s tumblr:

If you have a specific question (albums, members, tours, etc.) I’d be happy to answer to the best of my ability. 

Please tell me the positive ways you try to influence the young fans who idolize you.

Ah I regret to inform you that I am not associated with BVB personally :/ 

From a fan point of view, just about everything that BVB does is positively influential. Their songs have a powerful meaning, and they give good advice in how to handle situations such as bullying, self-harm, etc. 

Just wanted to say hello and I love your account :)

 Thank you so much for checking out my blog, it means a lot to me! :) 

I’ve been VERY MIA from this blog and I’m so sorry for neglecting it but I promise I’ll try harder <3 


Maybe its just me...but am I the only one who misses Andy's long hair? .-.

Nah I miss his long mane too ahahah 

But I guess his hair was pretty damaged, and it could get pretty hard to maintain. Plus, who wouldn’t want a change after years of long hair, ya know? Still lookin good either way ;)

So my friend got tickets to their concert for her and me,So we went in Calgary. And first we got to keep our tickets and skip the whole line because someone let us in the back door #Unfair#Idontcare And the during the concert everybody was comparing distances. I came 3 hours,I went 4. Well bitches we went 7 hours,for a concert. Then during I was stuck behind a guy that was Atleast a food taller then me,and a mosh pit happened(I didn't know what those were)and he punched me in the neck MEMORIES💜

Sounds like fun!!! Hope you had a super cool experience!!!                   PSH at least you were cool enough to say that you were in a mosh pit ;)

Hope you weren’t too injured, though!!