how long have u LOVED bvb?


Hello! And thanks for checking out my blog. 

Hmmm well I’ve been a fan for a little longer than I’ve had this account and I’ve had this account since 2011… 

So since 2010? A little after We Stitch These Wounds came out, if I remember correctly!

Four or five years. :)

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hi its the anon again -- thanks so much for your help! My biggest concern was that I had missed it. Thanks for your help :)

Ah no problem!! :) Hope I actually did help, though~ 

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Best wishes getting the passes! 

I can tell the anon, on their last tour they did do a meet and greet but you bought them with your tickets. (I got one and it rocked) I realized that they did have some extra things you could buy on a website they had and you could buy a bunch of different things. I know one was a VIP meet and greet type thing. That's the only way that I would know of accessing them. There's a chance if their bus is accessible you could wait to see them, but if it is lots of people will be there.


I really appreciate it, and I’m sure the anon does too! <3 

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If you don’t mind me asking, did you get the tickets on the website of your venue or a random website that sold tickets?? 

Hey there! So I don't really get VIP or do fan clubs or all that for a lot of bands but I really want to do a meet and greet for BVB on tour in October (the 21st, specifically, if that means anything haha). I was just wondering if you knew if they were doing it for that tour? If so is it still on sale or did I miss it? Do I have to be part of the fan club or will it/did it go on sale to the general public? Sorry for all the questions haha but it would be great if you could help me a little :)

Hi anon!

I don’t usually buy meet and greet passes, or VIP packages, so here’s some of the information that I could scrape up for you. 

October 21st is the Rapids Theatre in Niagara Falls, NY! The kickoff of the US fall tour. 

I don’t believe BVB has had an official meet and greet in a while! I don’t think they will, to be honest. I’ve looked all over the place and I can’t seem to find meet and greet/ VIP passes!

BUT: just to be sure,

VIP/ meet and greet passes do usually vary depending on the venue.  Since you’re going to the one in Niagara Falls, NY, I suggest you visit the venue site here for more information. Also don’t be afraid to give them a call about any inquiries that you have. 




more info here 


Black Veil Brides - Rebel Yell (Billy Idol Cover)
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Black Veil Brides - Rebel Yell (Billy Idol Cover)

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1) Why did you join tumblr? I joined in early 2011 to make a BVB tumblr :)

2) Can you skateboard? Nope

3) Do you have any pets? My brother  Nope

4) Favorite snack? MANGO

5) Favorite band? Isn’t it obvious 

6) Do you wear glasses? Yes - but only sometimes when I can’t see ( like the board in school for instance) 

7) Favorite tv show? Right now - FLASHPOINT!

8) Favorite place to shop? Dare I say Forever 21 I love cheap 

9) What time did you go to sleep last night? 5 AM

10) Have you ever snuck out of your house? NoOOoOooOoOo

My questions!! 

1.) How many languages can you speak? 

2.) Name your “guilty pleasure” band/ group (though you should be PROUD of what you listen to!) 

3.) Who is your celebrity crush? 

4.) If you could travel to any place in the world, where would it be and why? 

5.) What about yourself do you take the most pride in? (Talent/looks/ etc.) 

6.) When was the last time you cried? 

7.) What car do you drive? What car do you WANT to drive? (2 in 1 holla) 

8.) Who is your hero? 

9.) What is your favorite BVB song? 

10.) Are you excited for the 4th BVB album? 


I tag all of you to answer these questions! Reply with your answers so I can get to know you more! :) 

Hi. My name is Megan. I’m eighteen, pink is my favorite color and almost all my things are pink, and I've been Black Veil Brides fan for years. I need $350 to go to a concert. I’m just hoping to get some cheering on as I raise money. I really hope I can go. My first concert ever, to see the only band I’ve ever really needed. - a pink loving member of the BVB army P.S. Thank you, Andy, Ashley, Jake, Jinxx, and Christian. P.S.S. I will follow back everyone who follows me and cheers me on!

Hi, Megan!! 

We’re all cheering on for you! I hope you are able to raise enough money to go to your concert. 

Thanks for checking out my blog. Best wishes <3 

Let us know how things go!

- BVB Fam


Not related to Black Veil Brides but…

Is anyone going/ has gone to Monumentour?
Is anyone going on the Tampa date this Saturday?

Super excited… Let me know the experience that you had if you’ve already been!!

Andy Biersack interview with Alternative Press!

So my friend keeps telling me that BVB's music is negative and that I really shouldn't listen to them but every time I defend them she shoots me down and Idk what to do...

Hm, it seems to me that she hasn’t heard the lyrics herself!
If this is the case, then she’s not a very good friend, is she? Listening to a band that you like is not a crime.
Try reasoning with her. Tell her that the band’s lyrics have a positive meaning and show her some examples. Who knows, maybe she’ll change her mind and become a fan!
If she doesn’t like their music, then drop the subject. Friendships shouldn’t be broken apart because of different music preferences, right?
She shouldn’t be constantly telling you that the music you like is negative when it’s really not. A friend like that is not a good friend at all.
I hope you get your problem resolved, anon